Talking Transformers

Interviews with Transformers comic creators and reflections on favourite characters and stories.

Transformer in Focus: Blaster

Blaster was released by Hasbro in 1985 as a counterpart to the Decepticon Soundwave. While visually different the pair were conceptually very similar: both transformed into stereo systems and housed smaller ‘cassettes’ that would eject to become robots or creatures. Blaster’s cassettes would never achieve the same degree of prominence as Soundwave’s, but the character himself would become one of the stand-out characters, in the Marvel Transformers comics at least.

Dan Reed: Being broke saved my life!

Dan was a freelance artist in the 1980s and worked on some iconic Transformers comics for Marvel UK, including the zombie spectacular ‘City of Fear’. Here he talks about his life, career and time on Transformers. More

Dan Reed interview

Q&A with Transformers writer Bob Budiansky

Bob is one of Transformers’ founding fathers – he helped name key characters like Optimus Prime and Megatron and map out their personalities. He also wrote the Marvel US Transformers comic for an incredible 50 issues. More