It takes something very special to stand the test of time and Transformers is one such property. Launched in 1984, it quickly became a global toy phenomenon and spawned a successful cartoon, a blockbuster Movie and a long-running Marvel comics series in the US and UK. Numerous reboots and relaunches have followed over 35+ years but the franchise remains as popular an iconic as ever. There’s something about these giant warring robots who able to become vehicles or planes and locked in an eternal battle of good versus evil, that continues to fire the imagination and speak to our inner child.

My introduction to Transformers came in the summer of 1985. I was then aged 11, growing up in West London and a keen reader of whatever comics I could get my hands on (Marvel superheroes being a favourite). ‘Arrival From Cybertron’, the debut episode of the Sunbow’s Transformers cartoon, was broadcast and I was immediately hooked. I found issues 23 and 24 of the UK Transformers comic from Marvel on sale and was blown away by the story. Somehow the evil Decepticons had defeated the heroic Autobots, Optimus Prime’s head was their captive, and the fate of the good guys lay in the hands of one surviving Autobot, Chief Medical Officer Ratchet, who wasn’t even a warrior! This was a far darker and more grown up story than the cartoon series and I was captivated by this tale of triumph over impossible odds.

For 6-7 years the comics were my constant companion. I would be at the newsagent for 7am every Friday to pick up the latest issue and read it from cover to cover before school. Transformers became the flagship title of Marvel UK and ran for 332 issues (its heyday being 1986-88). It reprinted stories from the monthly US Transformers comic but because it was weekly for much of its run it generated many of its own material too, most of those written by Simon Furman.

The original Transformers saga ended in 1992. I still think of it as the first and the best. It was followed by Transformers Generation 2 for a year and then morphed into a CGI animation Beast Wars and Beast Machines, neither of which I got into, and at last in 2002 ‘Transformers G1’ as the original series had become known, was brought back… this time under a new publisher, Dreamwave. The art was big and bold, the storylines not always great (with notable exceptions like The War Within) and before long Dreamwave had folded and the Transformers license passed to IDW, who have nurtured it from 2005 to date. I got back into Transformers in a significant way, not only reading the new material but selling the comics online and meeting a good many of the fandom on the way.

This site is a successor to the original OneShallStand.com which I launched in 2003. It is intended as place to revisit and review the original Transformers comics and eventually some of the newer material. I hope you find the content of interest and of course feel free to comment.

Steve Bax
March 2020