All time classic ‘The Smelting Pool’ with Blaster, one of my favourite characters

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I am Steve, and I’ve been a fan of Transformers and their comics since the 1980s. This website is a place where I will revisit and review those fantastic stories of yesteryear, that were brought to life so vividly in the day by writers like Simon Furman and Bob Budiansky and an array of talented artists.

This began as project during the 2020 lockdown and continues. Ultimately I will review the Dreamwave and IDW titles from the 2000s and Simon Furman’s more recent continuation Regeneration One.

My introduction to the ‘Robots in Disguise’ came in the summer of 1985 when the Sunbow’s Transformers cartoon debuted on TV in the UK. I was pleased to discover there was also a Marvel UK comic. I picked up issues 23 and 24, which were noticeably darker than the cartoons. The Decepticons had defeated Optimus Prime and the Autobots with only the medic Ratchet left to save them. So began a weekly ritual of visiting the newsagent every Friday before school to pick up the latest issue.

Marvel UK’s flagship Transformers title lasted for 332 issues, from 1984-92. It reprinted material from its monthly US sister title initially, but because it was weekly it meant that the London-based team generated many of their own stories to fill the gaps. Some like Target:2006 are still classics to this day.

Transformers has been through numerous reboots and reincarnations over the years but always comes back to G1, the original and the best IMO. The series has lasted 40 years and still continues to win over new fans.

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April 2023